The TechTrak flooring is an active working contamination control system, which for maximum effectiveness should be designed to fit the traffic volume and regularly scheduled maintenance of each individual customer.

“TechTrak LLC offers a complete three-year replacement warranty on the TechTrak contamination control floormat”

A properly installed TechTrak floor mat system will have an average active life of 3 – 5 years.

Each floor mat should have the edging strip installed around the entire perimeter of the area and be chemically welded to the TechTrak floor mat. This ensures a totally sealed floor mat surface – nowhere for water to seep or bacteria to grow.

We guarantee the TechTrak polymer floor surface will continue to remove and hold foot and wheelborne contamination at an equal or greater quantity than a new adhesive, disposable mat for 36 months.

This is based on the floor surface being regularly cleaned as per manufacturer instructions and the integrity of the product is not damaged by motorized wheels

turning on the surface or dragging equipment or pallets across the surface.

Proper maintenance involves at least a daily cleaning with a detergent/disinfectant water solution, appropriate mop and then squeegee dried. The squeegee will not only dry the floor for immediate reuse, but will also remove the last layer of contamination suspended in the liquid.

Like any polymer flooring the surface is slippery when wet and caution should be taken until the product has been squeegee dried.

As mentioned the TechTrak polymer mats are not recommended where fork trucks or “motorized” wheeled vehicles will be turning on the surface. The product is suitable for motorized traffic when moving straight across the floor mat and all turning is completed before or after the TechTrak installation.

Installation directions are available, however for large areas of coverage we do recommend a TechTrak trained contractor install the material.